Funding and Projects

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the following sources:

Innovation Fund Denmark (formerly known as: Danish Council for Strategic Research)

  • LEDSiC - A new type of white light-emitting diode using fluorescent silicon carbide (2015-2018, 8.7 MDKK)
  • SBLED - Super bright light-emitting diodes (2012-2015, 4.2 MDKK)
  • NORLED - Nordic light-emitting diode initiative (2010-2013, 2 MDKK)

Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Danish Energy Research and Development Funding

Research Council of Norway

  • SiC4LED - Novel fluorescent silicon carbide growth approach for white LEDs (2016-2017, 2.7 MNOK)

Independent Research Fund Denmark

  • LASIC - Laser-driven white lighting employing fluorescent silicon carbide (2018-2020, 2.59 MDKK)

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